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Text Box: North Park Mall

“The best tasting show in town!”

Text Box: Great selection of hand-cut steaks, breaded filet of sole, shrimp, lobster tails, scallops and boneless chicken

メニュー    Menu

Dinner includes

Japanese Clear Soup
Steaming bowl of beef, chicken & vegetable broth

Garden Salad
Crisp, green lettuce with sliced carrots & topped with our house specialty dressing

Shrimp Appetizer
Plump, hibachi shrimp    

Dipping Sauces
Two house specialty dipping sauces

Vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or sherbet


Dinner Entrées

Hibachi Sesame Chicken
boneless, all-meat filets

Shogun Scallops
plump, juicy morsels

Hibachi Steak
thick New York Strip

The Samurai
New York Strip and boneless chicken filet

Rising Sun
tender, plump shrimp

Imperial Emperor
generous filet mignon

Shogun Combination
breaded filet of sole and boneless chicken filet

Royal Combination
tender filet mignon and plump shrimp

Vegetarian Special
assorted vegetables of carrots, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, and bean sprouts

Shogun Special
delicious lobster tail and tender filet mignon

Or create your own combination!

Children 12 years and under

(comes with fried rice but no shrimp appetizer)

Buddha Chicken
boneless, all-meat filet

Teppanyaki Steak
New York Strip

Succulent Shrimp
tender, plump hibachi shrimp

Text Box: Tableside adventure!
Text Box: Everything prepared by hand!
Text Box: Dinner cooked
before your eyes
Text Box: Hand cut daily for freshness!